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10 good reasons for your Artlist subscription

Last year, I already introduced the music platform Artlist.io to you here in a detailed blog post. Videographer Kristof and I had been looking for a solution like Artlist for a long time and finally found it last year. The platform recently launched Artgrid.io, a film stock footage counterpart. For all content creators, who are still looking for the right background music for their videos and content, but want to do without costly usage licenses, I have collected my 10 reasons for an Artlist.io subscription here today. Have fun reading.

These 10 reasons speak for Artlist

  1. Fixed costs! No hidden fees or changing pricing models. One year, one price, all inclusive.
  2. No complex usage licenses! Also means no price surprises for different songs.
  3. No documentation effort! Time-consuming license agreements and, above all, the documentation of purchased licenses is no longer necessary.
  4. Clarity! A clearly arranged platform that can be filtered very well according to various criteria.
  5. Payment processing! Easy payment thanks to PayPal!
  6. Save time with your music research! Artlist.io can become your central contact point for your music research. You save time as well as money.
  7. Bookmark it! With the easy bookmark function, you can save songs for later projects.
  8. Simple calculation! If you need several songs for a project, your costs are still covered.
  9. Your customer also benefits! You don’t need to re-calculate for contract work and your customer is also flexible in the use of your material.
  10. The songs are yours! Even if you part with Artlist.io again, you can still use the songs you downloaded during your subscription and you don’t have to edit videos retroactively.

In almost all free projects and event recaps of the last year we from Chips & Champagner have already worked with Artlist.io and are very satisfied!

If you now want to test Artlist.io for your own projects, you can get 2 months of Artlist.io for free!

Artgrid: The counterpart for video instead of music stock footage

By the way, if you are looking for something similar for stock video footage, you should have a look at Artgrid.io. There you can get modern stock videos for a fixed price. I also introduced the platform in a detailed article.

Videofootage zum Festpreis
The Artlist.io counterpart for stock video

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links with which you can support my work without paying a cent more yourself.

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